Name Title Contact Info
Karen Vogel Principal Email
Beatriz Gonzalez-Wilson Vice Principal, Intermediate Email
Margo Gross Vice Principal, Primary Email
Liz Gebelein Dean, Primary and Intermediate Email
Erica Gunther Guidance Counselor, Intermediate Email
Dr. Guyle Glenn Guidance Counselor, Primary Email


Tammy Fox Email
Cindy O'Connell Email
Sarah Dale Email
Donna McLaughlin Email
Jenny Estoque Email
Mary Lee Smith Email
Heather Wilson Email
Beryl Bishop Email
Derek McClure-Hewitt Email
Christine Perry Email
Kim Staughton Email
Carol Howard Email
Amy Jeffries Email
Beth Whidden Email
Lori O'Donnell Email
1st Grade
Marie Koller Email
Christine Niverba Email
Carrie Reifinger Email
Christina Thomas Email
Jacqueline Wisnauskas Email
2nd Grade
Eve Cox Email
Kara Horvath Email
Kerrie McDermitt Email
John Taylor Email
Brandi Torres Email
3rd Grade
Amanda Barber Email
Catherine Chambers Email
Brenda DeChants Email
Andrea Haller Email
Nicole Hurley Email
Susan Sudnick Email
4th Grade
Kristie Albright Email
Kim Blackistone Email
Kara Forrest Email
Julie Haesloop Email
Rebecca LeBlanc Email
5th Grade
Yvonne Garner Email
Melissa Gorman Email
Nancy Murphy Email
Steven O'Neill Email
Brooke Sears Email
Daniel Waldheim Email
Special Education
Dr. Twhanna Green Speech and Language, Intermediate and Primary Email
Emily Williams Speech and Language, Primary Email
Mary Baugher Grade 4 Email
Katherine Haines Primary Email
Barbara Mathews Grade 3 Email
Sheree Paust Pre Kindergarten Email
Sandy Moynihan Pre Kindergarten Email
Robin Read 5th Grade Email
Tressa Dunn 1st Grade/Pre Kindergarten Email
Jean Brashears Primary Email
Jean Ramos Primary Email
Angela Jones Primary Email
Resource Education Staff
VACANCY Art, Primary  
Beth Beighley Art, C Days Email
Kristin Ashby Band, Intermediate Email
Jo Ann Hill Media, Primary and Intermediate Email
Kristin Halstead Media, E Days Email
Beth Lanier Music, Primary Email
Maria Van der Vossen Music, A Days Email
Kate Crounse Physical Education, Intermediate Email
Suzanne Costello Physical Education, Primary Email
Instructional Resource Staff
Walt Williams Pupil Services Worker Email
Susan Godwin IEP Clerk, Primary and Intermediate Email
Title I
Amanda Haggerty Primary Email
Shannon Scott-Leach Primary Email
Penny Smith Primary Email
Melissa Freytag Intermediate Email
Kyrstin Brown-Wainwright Intermediate Email
Dawn Arnold-Glasco Primary Email
Judy Center Staff (Primary Building)
Karen Jordan Coordinator Email
Naomi Watkins Family Resource Networker Email
Elaine Romeo Administrative Assistant Email
Head Start Staff (Primary Building)
Jessica Wiley Teacher Email
Deanna Davis Instructional Assistant Email
Alphonso Willett, Jr. Instructional Assistant Email
Naughty'a Younger Teacher Email
Sarah Beebe Isntructional Assistant Email
Tracy Finn Instructional Assistant Email

Support Staff

Instructional Assistants
Cathy Carroll Intermediate Email
Sharon Campbell Primary and Intermediate Email
Michelle Klares Primary and Intermediate Email
Melinda Simmons Intermediate Email
Carla Zinn Intermediate Email
Office Staff
Celeste Fort Secretary, Intermediate Email
Connie Roland Secretary, Intermediate Email
Margaret Stewart Secretary, Primary Email
Shanez Garcia Secretary, Primary Email
Maria Hilmer Nurse, Intermediate Email
Jennifer Berry Nurse, Primary Email
Building Service Workers
Marvin Stewart Building Service Manager, Primary Email
Jerry Walls Assistant Building Service Manager, Primary Email
Leslie Gross Building Service Worker, Primary Email
Wanda Rogers Building Service Worker, Primary Email
David Lee Building Service Worker, Primary Email
Danny Gross Building Service Manager, Intermediate Email
Tia Weems Assistant Building Service Manager, Intermediate Email
Anthony Gross Building Service Worker, Intermediate Email
Rueben Weems Building Service Worker, Intermediate Email
Cafeteria Staff
Melissa Garber Manager, Primary Email
Patsy Freeland Primary Email
Sherri Salmon Primary Email
Barbara Kreider Manager, Intermediate Email
Sheryl Miller Intermediate Email
Leya Harris Email
Tyne Weems Email
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